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Article Review - Can blockchain be used without cryptocurrency?

"Therefore, blockchain technology is not only relevant to cryptocurrencies. Blockchain, however, is mainly concerned with the decentralized storage of information and the consensus of particular digital assets, which can or cannot be cryptocurrencies. So, can blockchain be used for anything?"

This very interesting Q&A format article by Coin Telegraph explores the many ways Blockchain can be used without cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology can be thought of as a brand-new type of software that can be used to streamline business operations. Praegressum has showed that the technology has a wide range of benefits, including streamlining international payments, advancing digital inclusion, and assisting with ID verification, in addition to being an essential tool for regulatory compliance and audits, money laundering protection, record management, financial management, and accounting, among other things.

As we have seen in many other articles we have reviewed, the more the private sector adopts blockchain technology, more governments all around the world are beginning to understand the benefits of the technology. Blockchain technology has the potential to increase trust and accountability while protecting data, improving operations, and putting a halt to abuse, fraud, and waste in national government services.

A very interesting and enlightening article. Worth reading!

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