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Blockchain Governance: Article Review

Cryptocurrency regulation remains a challenge for governments, and there seems to be no easy way to get around this topic. Some voices seek to make all decentralized finance (DeFi) products illegal, and conversely, some oppose any regulations. Regardless of the most extreme voices on either margin, there’s a pressing need for a bridge between industry innovators and regulators if the industry hopes to increase investor confidence.

Usually, most countries at this point do not have all the answers to how to regulate this dynamic industry. However, one way of creating know-how and bridging the gap between the crypto/blockchain industry and regulation is by creating forums for regulators to collaborate with tech industry players. The article brings out three examples of forums that are seeking an adequate set of regulations. And Praegressum Coalition is on the list!

"A nascent project is called the Praegressum Coalition. They advocate for the local application of blockchain technology regulation, discussing the possibility of a regulatory framework that is flexible enough to meet the needs of every locale while still working for American realities," - writes CryptoNewsZ.