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Daily Caller - US Falling Behind the 8-Ball: Blockchain Lessons to Learn from China

Article Review #2

"Against these recent developments from China, one might have expected a mirrored behavior from Washington. However, that has not yet been the case under the current or previous administrations. [...] there are many lessons we can learn from the Chinese blockchain initiatives. All that is necessary is adequate government policy and smart regulation. US blockchain success will depend on a regulatory policy environment that provides clarity, allows for growth, and keeps the industry accountable."

Another great article that came out this month. It showcases all recent efforts done by the Chinese government to establish the PRC as the world leader in the blockchain technology industry by 2025. It debates the many ways previous and Biden's administration are falling short - by not having a inclusive approach focused on the strategic application of blockchain in the whole of society. It poses a question for the US and urges the country's decision-makers to make a change and get once again ahead of the game.

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