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Expansion of Blockchain in American Industry: Starbucks Case Study

Last week, popular cafe chain Starbucks announced they will introduce its first group of American beta testers to Starbucks Odyssey, a blockchain-based loyalty program and NFT community. Exciting no?

The new project is an expansion of Starbucks' current loyalty program, Starbucks Rewards, and makes use of web3 technology, such as the polygon blockchain and NFTs. It also contains NFTs with a coffee theme that relate to actual experiences. Starbucks Odyssey was described as a means for its most devoted customers to earn prizes that went beyond the benefits they can now obtain - it is a new platform where users may participate in interactive tasks called "Journeys" and win valuable Journey Stamps.

The concept offers the coffee business the chance to interact with its most devoted customers and foster a sense of community while also offering a potential source of income. It also showcases a traditional industry player willing to dwelve into a new sphere - which goes to show that things are changing no doubt.

And this expansion of interest should be mirrored with equal enthusiasm in other traditional reals - such as politics. Benefits of blockchain technology should be discussed in Congress, innovation should be pushed by the public sector and a smart body of regulations should start being drafted. This way industry and government alike will profit, develop the economy further, and enter the Web3 era. It's the only way to stay as ahead of other countries in this new type of industrial revolution.

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