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Forbes - Smart Regulations Can Boost Blockchain Adoption

Updated: May 24, 2022

Article Review #1

“Ultimately, it comes down to government action - or inaction. Governments, globally, should devise regulations that support a level-playing field for all, provide financial oversight, customer protection, tax regime, conflict redressal, to name a few. ‘Without a robust regulatory framework, blockchain opportunities could remain untapped’”.

This intriguing article published by Forbes argues about the benefits of widespread adoption of blockchain technology and how they would thrive in a smartly regulated environment. The author comes to same conclusion as we do: The best regulations will take advantage of the unique benefits of blockchain technology, such as total transparency and the ability to automate important activities to cut down on human error and potential fraud, while protecting consumers. It’s the best of both worlds. Decision-makers should be drawing lessons from articles like this. We believe this article is worth reading.

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