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How Could Blockchain Help the USA Solve Ongoing Issues in the Public Sector

Blockchain is a decentralized database shared by multiple computer networks. Each transaction is recorded as a 'block' of data that is linked to previous or following blocks. As decentralized as it is, blockchain is also characterized by its transparency. If the Blockchain database is introduced into the US public and foreign policy sectors, it would help solve issues that affect the current system, such as repealing possible cyber-attack threats.

The application of Blockchain to deal with national and international issues is already ongoing. The Estonian government used Blockchain to provide its citizens with IDs, and the UN also used Blockchain to distribute goods to Syrian refugees. The US adopting Blockchain could combat three main issues if adopted by the government. First, security: There would be no need for third parties in any type of transaction, and the method of data collection and storage is transparent and secure, which makes "hacking" nearly impossible to happen. Secondly reliability: Removing the authorization of a central authority (making it decentralized). Thirdly, efficiency: Avoiding the need for human intervention, which will take the risk of human error out of the equation. Since everything is digital, it makes everything more instantaneous. These Blockchain technology components also simplify and optimize the international trade process by lowering logistics costs and streamlining the digital reliability required for cross-border certifications and customs clearances.

In an increasingly secure and digitized world, the United States risks being left back. Blockchain technology adoption is thought to have the potential to advance and improve American diplomacy and development strategy. The USA has several different public and foreign programs to protect its citizens and interests. These vary from education, health, and employment services to protecting human rights and promoting American values internationally. All of these have a lot of paperwork like legal documents and providing IDs, with an extremely high level of security. Blockchain could digitalize all these documents, and identities, facilitate interaction with people in different countries, and make the whole process a lot more secure and efficient.

We believe that Blockchain technology is the future. The world is innovating every second, and Blockchain's opportunities cannot be ignored. Different governments all across the world (like Australia, France, and Japan) have already implemented this innovative method to improve their own issues. Their adoption and set of regulations have been positive, working together for the solution and general welfare of its citizens. There are currently many issues all over the world, like the global ID crisis where many people have never held an official ID and aren't being recognized by their own governments. These and many more issues could be properly managed with the adoption of Blockchain in governments, moving forward towards a better future for everyone.

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